About Us Series: WHO

Who is RSF?

We are students at Biola University in Southern California.  We have a passion for sports and fitness and a desire to put that into action through this brand and platform.  We are having so much fun!  The ability to connect with Christians of all ages, backgrounds and talents while serving and loving the Lord has been a blessing, and we are excited to see what doors God will open for us.

We are thankful for some amazing friends who freely use their talents in the areas of modeling, photography, graphic design and on social media to help grow our company. Our passion for RSF comes from the desire to use this brand as a way to provide stylish and Gospel-centered clothing to equip Christians in the athletic world and every-day-life. We have heard from many customers who have been able to share their Christian testimony because of a Bible verse on one of our shirts or hats.  God is good!

We hope and pray that our brand can be a light to the world and equip Christians to share how they have been renewed through the Good News of Jesus. 

Join us…Together We Are One! #TeamRSF

Trevor VanRiper
Renewed Strength Fitness CEO